December 11th - 12th, 2021

The full price for this class is $2850. To reserve your seat, a deposit of $1425 is required. An invoice with the balance will be sent to you once you enroll. The balance will be due 5 weeks before the class. All prices are in USD.

Our policy: Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable to another class, but can be transferred to a person deemed qualified by class organizers to take the master course. Balance payments are non-refundable past the due date.

This is a 2-day advanced class for which prior volume experience is required. The focus of this class is to elevate students’ skill set and artistry by diving deep into this intensive program, which introduces them to Revoläshion’s signature perfect line method, the intricacies of Russian volume as well as various other advanced lashing techniques. Each student will be walking away with refined knowledge and exceptional expertise that will allow them to be proficient in their artistry and business alike. 

Please visit our testimonials page to see what Revoläshion alumni have to share about their experience throughout this course.

Some topics that will be covered include:
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    • Revoläshion's advanced Russian volume techniques for perfect line & mega volume
    • Achieving perfect fan geometry via time-efficient fanning methods
    • Gap Bridging techniques
    • Styling and layering techniques for the creation of various effects
    • Techniques to achieve intentional wispy and textured effects
    • Advanced Corrective lashing
    • Wrapping, Crystallizing, Threading
    • Various methods for maximizing retention
    • Exhaustive study of lashing products
    • Lash lab chemistry: The chemical makeup of lashing materials
    • Spotting and avoiding chemical, mechanical, and biological follicle damage
    • Curating an impactful social media aesthetic and portfolio
    • Understanding and utilizing Instagram analytics
    • Branding 101
    • Lash business fundamentals
    • Client management, effective pricing structures
    • Effective time management as a business owner
    • Maintaining physical and mental well being as a business owner
    What's Included:
    • Kit (Tweezers, lashes, adhesive, gel pads, tapes, wands, and more)
    • Practice worksheets
    • Live model application
    • Breakfast, Lunch, Coffee
    • Certificate upon completion
    • Ongoing mentorship