4 Tips For Lash Artists When Clients Ask For A Price Discount

Client: Can you do it for cheaper?

Artist: Yes, I can do half off! Which eye are we lashing?

Ok, now that we got a good giggle in, let’s get serious.

Remember that not every customer is for you & you are not for every customer. Aligning your brand to the needs & budgets of your ideal clients is one of the MANY ways that you can avoid encountering price shoppers in the first place. Because your ideal clients… very likely are willing to pay your prices – That’s part of what makes them ideal.

Do not apologize for your prices

Your pricing is your pricing is your pricing is your pricing! Mkay? Being out of someone’s budget is not a fault of yours that needs to be remedied.

Do not compromise your pricing

Compromising every time someone says “that’s out of my budget” is taking a step in an entirely wrong direction. You set your prices the way that they are for a reason & you are not only doing a disservice to yourself, your expertise & your industry when you compromise pricing.

Never be rude to the price shopper, rather, educate them

If you tend to conduct yourself professionally in every situation within the parameters of your business, this might seem like a given, but dealing with rude enquiries can sometimes pull us to a knee-jerk reaction when someone says something that clearly underestimates our work. Even if someone comes across a bit curt about your pricing, it's always more effective if you’re abundantly kind in your responses & take the opportunity to educate this prospective customer.

Do not freak out that you might miss out on gaining that one person as a customer

Saying no is hard. We get it. Saying no to a potential client is even harder – because ya know, that’s how we pay our bills and everyone likes being able to pay their bills. However, the cons outweigh the pros here. If this compromise becomes a regular thing for you, the stress resulting from working for so much less than what covers your baseline needs, will burn you out SO FAST on work that you could actually be enjoying.