There are certain criteria that must be met by applicants in order to be eligible for the Premier Salon program. Please read through them carefully prior to applying for this program.

  1. Have more than two employed or renting lash artists in your workspace
  2. A solid presence on Social Media which may be defined by the following parameters.
    • For starters, a killer Instagram is a must! Our Insiders distinguish themselves with Instagram pages that showcase:
    • Crisp and evocative photos of their work
    • Having a page that is dedicated mostly to the business of lashing or other beauty related services, rather than a mainly personal blog type page. Personal posts are more than welcome, but the pages primary focus should be on the business in question.
    • Maintaining a professional presentation on social media that excludes offensive, vulgar, discriminatory language or depictions.
    • A defined and cohesive aesthetic. Branding is not a prerequisite, but is considered a plus.
    • A minimum of roughly 1000 followers and;
    • A healthy engagement that can be considered more or less proportional to the number of followers of the page.
  3. Having a noticeable presence in the lash community as seen through engagement with other professionals in the industry on both your own and other artists’ pages. This qualification will be determined on a discretionary basis by Revoläshion by evaluating the business page of the candidate in question.
  4. A purchase history that reflects a familiarity with the use of Revoläshion products (this is a qualification that is taken into account on a discretionary basis; meaning there is no required minimum but prior purchases from Revoläshion is a must).
  5. Applicants that meet most, but not all criteria may still be considered as long as they excel in the majority of the categories listed above.
  6. Each artist employed by the salon is required to post a minimum of one (1) monthly Revolashion exclusive post. Meaning, this post image features solely Revoläshion product AND/OR, an image of a lash set with a caption that discusses or highlights Revoläshion products exclusively that were used to create the set in question. Revoläshion also provides content on a regular basis to aid with these posting requirements. Use of this content is not mandatory if the salon choses to create their own product content.


  1. Our Premier Salon discount is applied directly to all purchases made by the salon representative.
  2. Welcome gift
  3. Features on Revoläshion’s Instagram, Facebook as well as a searchable listing on Revoläshion.com
  4. Access to the Revo Collective Forum which is open to all Revo Society Members, Revo Insider members and Revo Premier Salons.
  5. Signing bonus of 5000 points under the RevoRewards Program.
  6. Opportunity to host a Revolashion Master Class in the salon and receive one free seat in the class as well as a discounted rate on other employee seats.
  7. When minimum annual purchase thresholds are met, member salons will qualify for one free seat for any employee in a Revolashion group training.