We do have very high expectations for our Revo babes so please make sure to go through the qualifications listed below prior to applying for this program.

  1. For starters, a killer Instagram is a must! Our Society Member ’s distinguish themselves with Instagram pages that showcase.
    • Crisp and evocative photos of their work
    • Having a page that is dedicated mostly to the business of lashing rather than a mainly personal blog type page. Personal posts are more than welcome, but the pages primary focus should be on the business in question.
    • Maintaining a professional presentation on social media that excludes offensive, vulgar, discriminatory language or depictions.
    • A defined and cohesive aesthetic. Branding is not a prerequisite, but is considered a plus.
    • A healthy engagement that can be considered more or less proportional to the number of followers of the page.
  2. Having an established presence in the lash community as seen through engagement with other professionals in the industry on both your own and other artists’ pages. This qualification will be determined on a discretionary basis by Revoläshion by evaluating the business page of the candidate in question.
  3. Certified in advanced volume via a master class and/or having a clear proficiency in advanced artistry. Holding a Revoläshion certificate is NOT a prerequisite but considered a plus.
  4. A purchase history that reflects a familiarity with the use of Revoläshion products (this is a qualification that is taken into account on discretionary basis; meaning there is no required minimum but prior purchases from Revoläshion is a must).
  5. While we do not require applicants to use and post exclusively about Revoläshion products, it is essential that you do not hold a pre-existing contractual commitment to any other brand that sells any lash products or accessories (excluding lash apparel). We encourage all members to use and post about other brands while maintaining an exclusive affiliation to us.
  6. Having a minimum of more or less 1000 real followers. Applicants with fewer than 1000 followers will still be considered as long as they excel in all above-listed categories.


  1. Our top-tier discount applied directly to all Society Members’ purchases.
  2. Our top-tier discount on one (1) Revoläshion course.
  3. Regular features on Revoläshion’s Instagram, Facebook as well as listing on Revoläshion.com (coming spring 2022).
  4. Opportunity to attend any Revoläshion-hosted events or conferences with discounted VIP access.
  5. Opportunity to work with Revoläshion at trade shows with free access to the shows.
  6. Access to trial of new products prior to general release to the public.
  7. Access to the Revo ClubHaüs Forum which is open to all Revo Society Members, Revo Pro Elite members and Revo Premier Salons.
  8. Access to the Exclusive Revo Society Forum which includes direct and consistent communication as well as shared professional resources between all Society Members, Revoläshion executives as well as the CEO of the company (Ilona Alidzaeva).
  9. Society Members can also unlock additional rewards via the RevoRewards™ incentives which are based on performance, consistency and participation in exclusive promo opportunities.
  10. Customized welcome gift.
  11. Signing bonus of 15,000 points under the RevoRewards™ Program.
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