Multipurpose Wipes



These multipurpose wipes serve as an accessory to your lashing. Being lint and cotton-free, they provide a safe surface to use in conjunction with other lashing products. The most common use for these wipes is to keep adhesive nozzles free of buildup, to avoid clogging, in turn, extending the life of the bottle. Alternatively, these wipes are used to quickly and efficiently absorb tears for clients with watery eyes during application. And lastly, they are used to wipe away adhesive build up on tweezers and other application tools.


  • Cotton-free & lint-free
  • 200 count


  • For adhesive nozzles: Use wipe after every drop dispensed. Do not wet the wipes with any liquid for this use.
  • For tear absorption: Insert the wipe under the gel pad toward the outer corner of the eye directly beneath the water line before or during application. Press down on the top lid to push the tears out and allow the wipe to absorb them. 
  • For cleaning tweezer buildup: Soak wipe in acetone then gently press and hold against the inner and outer blade of the tweezers giving the glue a chance to dissolve, then wipe away the residue.