We proudly introduce the various tiers of Revoläshion Programs available to our dear shoppers. Our programs are designed to welcome artists within varying levels of commitment and member benefits.Whether you are a Revo lover looking to affiliate yourself with your favorite brand, a studio owner stocking your staffs’ workstations, a Revo junkee looking to order in bulk, a solo artist working out of your studio or an established educator –– we have a program with upgraded benefits tailored to your needs.


Introducing the RevoRewards™ loyalty program. Conceived as a new way to thank our beloved Revo lovers for the support and loyalty and to encourage you in your professional endeavors. Come discover this new way to earn rewards while you shop!

All customers qualify to collect rewards points under the RevoRewards™ program. No application is required! All you need to do is create a profile on or and you'll be ready to start earning points on every order, which can later be redeemed towards purchases.

Society Member

The most sought after Revoläshion program, the Society Membership grants exclusive access to qualifying artists in Revo’s network of highly skilled and accomplished professionals.Through this program, Revoläshion continually strives to build a close-knit collective of unique voices with shared values and a strong commitment to upholding the highest standards of excellence within the industry. Most importantly, we seek members who align with the company’s culture of inclusivity, integrity, dedication, as well as supporting the evolution and betterment of the lash industry as a whole. This program was created to harness the collective power of the most prominent artists in order to promote a more professional, united and profitable industry.

Revo Prestige

The Revo Prestige program is the entry tier of our membership programs, granting upgraded insider access to product discounts and a non-restrictive affiliation which is incentive-based. Revoläshion seeks to recruit candidates that are currently loving our products and who are eager to share them with their audience using their unique voice. A Revo Prestige member is expected to be community-oriented, be on a constant strive to achieve excellence in their artistry & their craft, and seeks to improve and uphold the professional standards of this industry.

In addition to having access to an exclusive Revo Prestige Member discount tier, members can also unlock rewards based on performance, consistency and participation in exclusive promo opportunities.

Pro Elite

The Revolashion Pro Elite status is the most accessible of our membership programs, with very few requirements and limitations. This program grants product discounts for bulk orders based on a minimum order threshold of $1000. The discount percentage increases according to the value of the order.

Pro Educator

The Revolashion Educator program was conceived for industry-established instructors who take pride in, and are committed to, providing a superior learning experience to their students.

This program grants member instructors the opportunity to assemble the highest quality kits for their students to complement the top-tier education they are providing –– while taking advantage of awesome product rebates for both themselves and their students. We understand that you care about how your students get their start in the industry, and Revo is here to help!

With very few requirements and limitations, this program grants product discounts. The discount percentage increases according to the value of the order.

Premier Salon

Revoläshion Premier Salons Program is the tier of our membership program designated specifically for salon owners which grants access to product discounts and a non-restrictive brand affiliation. Revoläshion seeks partners currently loving our products and eager to share them with their audience using their unique voice. To access this program, applicants must demonstrate high standards, distinguish themselves in their market and be community oriented,

Although there’s no minimum purchase to take advantage of discounts, members can unlock additional rewards via the RevoRewards™ incentives which are based on the frequency and volume of their purchases as well as incentives which are based on voluntary promotion of Revo products used in the studio and/or participation in exclusive promo opportunities.