5 Ways to Upgrade your Customer Service

Spoiler alert – it’s all in the details! Customer service is crucial for any business as it has a direct impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty. A positive customer experience also guarantees repeat business and referrals. 

A 5-star service experience will always stand out in comparison to other businesses that offer an average experience. Making customers feel valued and appreciated always creates a lasting impression, making the business more memorable in the client’s mind. 

Here are a few easy changes to make that will help you WOW your clients every time: 

1. Booking System: 

Average: You have “DM to book” in your bio. 

5-star: You have an online booking site containing information about yourself/your business, details about each service you offer, pricing, what to expect, and a polished photo gallery. 

2. Appointment Reminders: 

Average: You don’t send appointment reminders.

5-star: You send a reminder about their appointment via email and/or text 24-48 hours prior. 

3. When your client arrives:  

Average: You greet your client when they arrive and ask what style they would like. Based on this information, you jump right into the lash service. 

5-star: You greet your client by their first name and introduce yourself. You go through a consultation with your client about their past experiences with similar services, medical history, lifestyle, and contraindications, and fully break down all options to better help them select the look they’d like to achieve. Based on their consultation and the examination of their features, you educate your client on what your recommendation is the most desirable and healthy choice of style would be. Once you’ve come to an agreement, you let them know what to expect during their appointment. Ask if they need to use the bathroom before then prepare them to lie down to start lashing. Once they are laying down, double-check if they are comfortable, and need a pillow for their back, or a bolster for their knees. 

4. While you’re lashing: 

Average: You proceed to lash your way through the rest of the appointment. 

5-star: You always inform the client about the next step before you do it. Whether it be cleansing their lash line, applying tape or gel pads, removing outgrown lashes, and so on. Throughout the appointment, you check in with your client to make sure they are comfortable at all times.

5. Post-lashing & Aftercare: 

Average: You finish their lashes, tell them how to take care of their lashes, and send them on their way. 

5-star: Once you've finished their lashes, you ask what they think about their new fluff line. You give them an aftercare bag that contains thorough instructions on how to care for their lashes and maximize their wear, you include a lash spoolie and a cleansing brush. You go through the motions of how to properly cleanse them and then advise them to purchase a cleanser that you retail in-store specifically formulated for lash cleansing purposes. You educate them on fills and when you should come back for a touch-up. You pre-book their following appointment and send them on their way. 

If you can take the time to understand your client’s needs, personalize their experience, and always go above and beyond to exceed their expectations, you’re sure to have happy customers who keep coming back for more.