Mixed Length Trays



Our lashes are as black as night, and as sultry as authentic silk – providing a stunning look that will have ‘em shook. 

Oh, and did we mention... 

They glide like b  
                                  t  e  r   ?

Each lash tray is hand crafted with the highest quality 100% synthetic PBT

and carefully selected for consistency. Our Mulberry Silk Collection lashes are soft and flexible while maintaining the integrity of the curl and possess the perfect interlocking mechanism to help you build and place fans quickly and beautifully. 

Each strip is housed on silver foil (no paper) for easy peeling and grooves to facilitate faster work with minimal strain. 



  • Mixed tray lengths: 6-12mm
  • 16 rows per tray
  • 1 row x 6mm, 2 rows x 7mm, 2 rows x 8mm, 2 rows x 9mm, 3 rows x 10mm, 3 rows x 11mm, 3 rows x 12mm
  • Foil strips (no paper) for reduced residue on tiles and easy peeling.
  • 2mm strip with medium stickiness for optimal fanning speed.
  • Fibers are made of the highest quality PBT – porous and flexible for optimal interlocking with the natural lashes, these fibers are also tapered and dimensionally stable (will not lose their curl)
  • Fiber type: Rayon (synthetic silk)
  • Finish: Semi-gloss
  • Printed on each row for convenience is the lash curl, length and diameter.
  • Each lash tray has an indicator label (curl, length, diameter) on both the front + bottom section for optimal organization
  • Each tray also comes with an additional indicator label that can be used to label you lash tiles/palettes for optimal organization.

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