October 22nd to November 12th: Contest Registration Period

November 15th: Deadline for initial Instagram announcement that you’ve entered the contest (POST #1)

By December 6th: Reminder post (POST #2)

By January 3rd: Reminder post (POST #3)

By the end of the contest: 4x Story posts

January 8th: Contest Concludes

By January 15th: Deadline for sending proof of final donation and funds transfer/release - You will be uploading the proof documents to the Document upload portal on Revolä under the contest tab.

January 15th: End of fundraiser post (POST #4)

January 22nd: $5000 (USD) cash prize winner announced - turn post notifications on to be notified.

FOR BONUS POINTS: By November 13th: Join Revoläshion’s Facebook forum ‘We The Last Artists’ and briefly introduce yourself and include your IG handle. If you wish, you can also mention that you are participating in the Revo For a Cause Fundraiser Challenge. Feel free to share any other details you’d like about yourself or the challenge.


All of the dates, rules, requirements, recommendations and evaluation criteria listed in document in the form of a printable checklist for your convenience. Please use this checklist as a guide to ensure that you have completed all requirements for the contest.

Download Checklist