4 Reasons to Try Tape Under Eye Pads

Highly underrated tip coming at you – applying tape under the eye pads!

We often see artists apply tape over the eye pads, and although there is nothing wrong with this method, we’d love to share with you a few reasons why we prefer applying sensitive tape under the eye pads: 

  1. Added Security – Sensitive tape securely holds down those pesky little lashes, preventing them from moving around during the appointment.

  2. Less Irritating – Applying the tape first reduces the need to place the gel pad closer to the waterline; therefore reducing the chances of irritation by the ingredients in the eye pads. It also eliminates the chance of the gel pad from swelling in case the eyes water and avoiding the wet gel lining to pull fumes toward the eyes.

  3. Cleaner Canvas – By hiding all the tape under the eye pad, you have a clean canvas to work on, making any content you film much easier on the viewer’s eyes.

  4. Increased visibility – By being able to get that much closer to the water line, you eliminate any and all visibility of the bases of the bottom lashes, therefore significantly reducing any distractions that tend to affect your depth perception for perfect placement, distance from the lid, and layer visibility.

Give it a try if you haven’t yet! Shop our tape here.