5 Examples that prove Time = Money

Have you ever stopped to calculate the true dollar value of time wasted/earning opportunities missed within the parameters of your business?

These are just some examples of the real price/opportunity costs that some lash artists and business owners fail to recognize:

If you make $65/hour….

  • 3 lost appointments per month (1 full set, 2 fills) due to lack of properly established cancellation and deposit policies → costs you $5040 annually 
  • Editing/designing content for 4 weekly posts → costs you $11,520 annually 
  • Making exceptions for clients by doing 2 sets a week at the price of a fill  → costs you $12,480 annually 
  • You taking care of the weekly cleaning of your studio + bookkeeping (5hrs) → costs you $15,600 annually 
  • Spending 1 hour per day mindlessly scrolling through Tiktok and Instagram → costs you $23,400 annually 

Grand total = $68,040 annually. Never forget that your time is currency, so use it wisely. 

Bad habits, bad business practices, and lack of structure within your business come with a price tag. Learning to identify, correct them, and outsource tasks as necessary are the determining factors for both the bottom line and the scalability of your business.

What habits and practices do you know need some work to optimize your business? Let’s chat over on Instagram 👉@revolashion