3 Reasons Lashes Aren’t Actually Overpriced

“You pay THAT much for lashes!?”

I’m sure you’ve heard it before, whether it be from a client or a friend. You tell them how much lashes cost and all of a sudden the jaws start dropping. 

Yes, lashes are costly, but in no way are they overpriced. Here’s why:

  • Expenses/Overhead — Running a professional lash business costs a pretty penny. There’s a lot that goes into it that people don’t see. From rent to lash supplies to ongoing education, all these factors play a part in how the services are priced. Lash artists on average can spend $15,000 annually on business expenses.
  • Skill & Expertise — Most of you have heard at some point, the line: “But you’re just placing a lash on a lash…” No one will ever truly understand how difficult lashing is until they try it themselves. There are so many tedious steps that an artist goes through when creating the perfect set. They are dealing with parameters of such precision that each step must be executed accurately, all the while ensuring that the service is provided in a timely manner. Not only are you paying for the skill itself, but the expertise that the artist has built over the years of ongoing education and reinvestment into their craft & business.
  • Time — On average, a lash appointment can range from 1.5-3.5 hours long. Some clients tend to forget that they aren’t just paying for synthetic lashes, they are paying for the artist’s time. Only so many clients can be taken within a day and the time on delivering 3-6 sets a day can be extremely demanding and taxing — both mentally and physically. For those reasons they are limited to the amount of revenue they can make a day and these limitations also play a role in establishing the pricing.

Have you ever had someone dismiss your lash services as overpriced?