6 Tips for Taking Better Lash Photos with an iPhone 13/14

Let’s be honest, Apple played us.

If any of you still have the iPhone 10 or 11, hang on to those babies! At first, we thought it was just us…but then we came to learn that a lot of other lash artists are having the same issues with their new iPhone camera quality.

If your photos and videos have been turning out blurry, pixilated and/or overly processed, we have a couple of possible solutions for you:

  1. Have your camera settings on 4K instead of HD (this is a game changer).
  2. Instead of taking a photo of your client, take a still video (on 4K) and screenshot it. A screenshot looks much more clear than taking an actual photo.
  3. When using a macro lens, apply it over the bottom lens and only use the #1 lens.
  4. Turn off Lens Correction in camera settings.
  5. Stick with using the #1 lens and zoom in if needed without having to use the #3 lens.
  6. Turn off Macro Mode in camera settings.

We hope that this is just temporary until Apple fixes this issue. We know a lot of you have upgraded to the new iPhone specifically for better camera quality, but boy were we wrong!

If you have any other tips, let us know over on Instagram @revolashion

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